Lynnfield High and IES Santanyí

By Students of 3rd of ESO

We are a class of 3rd of ESO. We are fourteen boys and girls. We learn English with Magdalena. Now we are going to tell you about the project that we are doing in class this year.
We are doing a project together with Lynnfield High School from Massachusetts. They are learning Spanish and we are learning English, and our project is bilingual.
For the first activity we wrote an e-mail introducing ourselves and explaining our daily lives, we also sent audios explaining our routines. They sent videos explaining their routines as well. Their routines and our routines are quite similar.
We also prepared an oral presentation on the topics: hobbies, sports, routines, weather conditions, and meals that are popular among our friends. The teacher filmed the oral presentations in English and Spanish and sent the video to the students of America.
For Halloween we received a video of the students from the United States. In the video, the students showed us their school hallways with the Halloween decoration. Our teacher asked us to try to write subtitles for the video. We tried hard!!
And these are the activities we have been carrying out so far.